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Materials - Timber and woods  
Learn about Timber >>

Take the Timber test >>

Learn about Hardwoods >>

Take the Hardwoods test >>

Learn about Softwoods >>

Take the Softwoods test >>

Learn about Manufactured Boards >>

Take the Manufactured Boards test >>

Materials - Plastics  
Learn about Plastics >>

Take the Plastics test >>

Learn about Thermosetting plastics >>

Take the Thermosetting plastics test >>

Learn about Thermoplastics >>

Take the Thermoplastics test >>

Materials - Metals  
Learn about Metals >> Take the Metals test >>
Learn about Ferrous Metals >> Take the Ferrous Metals test >>
Learn about Non-ferrous Metals & Alloys >> Take the Non-ferrous Metals & Alloys test >>
Materials - Paper and Board  
Learn about Paper and Board >> Take the Paper and Board test >>
Manufacturing - Tools  
Learn about tools >>

Take the tools test >>










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